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Urban design at Imai Keller Moore is a combination of spatial design of the public realm and the orchestration of private development with civic uses. Our interest is the creation of settings for the successful endeavors of private enterprise, personal cultural activity and civic functions that best thrive with each other in urban settings.


Our projects range from mixed-use private development to academic settings to public squares and parks but each project type has the common thread of combining historical patterns with present-day needs and trends, relating activities with sometimes disparate ones, and proposing new paradigms into the context of their existing neighborhoods and natural landscapes.


We are particularly concerned with the role that architecture plays in defining public space and street patterns, with the trajectories of traffic that influence leasing patterns and property values, the role of parking, and how single localities can offer a range of uses that extend over longer periods of the day and week. Ultimately, our concern is for how places look and feel and how they are remembered.




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